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It’s more than just ecommerce inventory management — it’s a comprehensive solution that connects the dots between every sales channel, system and process.

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Real-time Inventory Synchronization

Simple, Powerful and Real-time Inventory Management system, which can provide you timely actionable insights and optimize inventory costs.

Order Management

Manages order fulfillment workflow from warehouse to customers, facilitates multi-currency transactions, back-orders, team collaboration etc.

Warehouse Management

Automates warehouse workflows and improves fulfillment cycles with faster picking & packing processes using optimized resources.


Eliminate the stress of running out of stock. As the orders roll in, you can rest assured that every transaction is seamlessly synchronised to your CLOUMERCE Inventory platform in real-time, across all of your sales channels.

  • No out of stock orders
  • Real-time stock quantities across sales channels


Streamline and simplify your fulfilment stage by automating the Pick, Pack and Ship steps for every sales channel. From receiving an order to fulfilling the order to your customer, you can complete the entire process automatically through CLOUMERCE’s centralized platform.

  • No picking errors through barcode scanning and order validation.
  • Delivery sheets make your life easier

Ecommerce operations automation at your fingertips

Get your sales orders, send stock updates & order updates, print shipping labels and accept payments with Cloumerce The eCommerce solution